International Advisory

ISE Asesores has a team of professionals who will help and advise you on the internationalisation of your company, both for settling abroad and for launching activities in Spain. We will search for the best legal form, permanent establishment, branch, subsidiary.

We will optimise international taxation taking into account double tax treaties as well as the tax laws of the states involved. Experts in recruitment and social security of expatriate workers and relocation abroad and to Spain.

You’ll sometimes hear people say the questions they were asked in a technical interview were “easy”, which translated means “they asked me stuff I happened to know”.

Professional experts in labour, tax, accounting and commercial matters. We use our knowledge to support your business project.
We advise and help our clients with their obligations with the utmost professionalism, confidentiality and security in the processing of information.
We have clients of all sizes and sectors. From small entrepreneurs to large companies, public companies and town halls. We adapt to the needs of each client, according to activity.
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Tax Advisory
  • Tax advice and planning National and international taxation Deductions and tax savings
  • Defence for Tax Inspections E-commerce taxation
  • Tax returns and declaration of assets {IRPF-IP) Corporate income tax {IS)
  • VAT returns

Tax advice drawn up by professional experts who care about your company. We seek the best tax option for your company, that savings are optimal and with maximum compliance with tax obligations. Our commitment is well informed and advised clients. As your tax adviser you can consult us about any operation before carrying it out. At ISE Asesores, we advise entrepreneurs and people.

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Labour Advisory
  • Subsidies of contracts
  • Reduction of labour costs
  • Advice on HR and hiring Defence for Labour
  • Inspection
  • Assistance and negotiation for the employment regulation file (ERE) Defence in labour lawsuits
  • Salary deductions negotiation Contracts adapted to the company

At ISE Asesores labour consultancy, we work so that you only take care of your business, we take care of the rest. We give professional solutions to the labour problems of your company; we adapt work contracts to your needs; we get the most out of the labour reform; and we help you reduce personnel costs and social security. In addition, at HR we help you in the selection of personnel, evaluation, motivation and discipline.

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Commercial Advisory
  • Commercial advice
  • Company formation
  • Transfers and business lease. Labour companies and cooperatives
  • Agency contracts and trade representatives
  • Franchises and trademark registration
  • Demergers, mergers and liquidations
  • Online commerce

We help you with all aspects related to the creation of a new business: social capital, rental contract, relationship between partners and administrators, or contracts with suppliers. In all phases of the life of a company, from the moment of its constitution, until its liquidation, it is necessary to have suitable commercial advice. Many companies will have to face complex situations and difficult decisions, such as capital increases or reductions, demergers or mergers. Being well advised will allow you to have the peace of mind that everything will go the right way.

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Accounting Consultancy
  • Up-to-date accounting
  • Company valuation
  • Useful and understandable accounting
  • Quarterly balances
  • Balance analysis
  • Accounting books and annual accounts
  • Presentation of Mercantile Registry Books

We work so that accounting is useful for your decision making, and we take care of registering, studying and analysing the assets of your company. That way you’ll always know what it’s worth. The accounting advice of ISE Asesores will provide you with the balance sheets and accounts of your company on a quarterly basis, and we will help you to interpret them. We also have clients who choose to turn to us for their accounting and we advise them in certain operations, in accounting closings or tax settlements.

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Legal Advice

Dismissals, salaries and pink slips, changes in hours, working day or place, discrimination, harassment at work, disability claims, disability or retirement. ISE Asesores has the best professionals in labour matters. Experts who you can consult for these matters and other labour issues. They can intercede for you in a negotiation, reach agreements and conciliations, and if necessary, they will demand the defence of your rights before court.

We work for companies and individuals defending the rights of our clients. And we collaborate with other consultancies in the legal-labour defence of their clients. We defend your interests as if they were ours. Our fees are based on the result. We also have expert collaborating lawyers in civil, criminal and commercial matters. From an eviction, a theft or a divorce, to a merger of companies, claims for debts or compensation for damages.

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Calle Historiador Diago, 25, bajo. 46007, Valencia.
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